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At The Fields our desire is to see God grow people into passionate followers of Jesus Christ.


We are a missional church. Our mission is to bring glory to God by living out the gospel in authentic community. We desire to provide everyone in the Southern Highlands with an opportunity to hear, see and experience the gospel in a way that they can understand, and to cultivate an environment where people can grow in their relationship with God and their understanding of Him. This means we will seek to build bridges between the church and our surrounding culture in order to communicate and demonstrate the gospel. While we desire to make an impact locally, we also have a heart to be used by God globally in the expansion of His kingdom and church. To that end, we have a vision for planting more churches, and sending and supporting missionaries around the world.


If you were to attend our church you would find that we simply stick to the basics: worship, teaching, prayer and relationships. The values that we hold to and are in the process of cultivating are:
Truth -
We believe that truth first exists with God and that He has communicated His truth to us through the Bible. We also value truth, or authenticity, in our relationships with each other.
Grace -
We recognise God’s grace in our lives. He has forgiven us and so we freely share that forgiveness with others. That translates into being people who are learning patience, flexibility, compassion and acceptance with others. Grace doesn’t ignore sin, it deals with it and forgives it.
Community -
God has created us for relationship; for relationship with Himself and for relationship with each other. Our desire is to help people get connected with God and with each other. We believe community is doing life together for God’s glory.
Participation -
God has called each one of us to use the talents and gifts He has given us to bless him and others. That means we are participants in, not merely consumers of the gospel. Every person is a player on the team, not just a spectator.
Faith -
God is pleased when we have faith in Him, when we learn to trust Him. Faith expresses our dependence upon Him. Prayer is one way we demonstrate our faith; action is another.

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